January 9, 2024


Technologies: MySQL, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP
Project Year: 2023

mehmetsahin.dev is my personal website, encompassing my portfolio, blog, resume, and contact details. This website was developed using WordPress but with a completely custom-coded theme. Its purpose is to serve as a platform for showcasing my professional identity, work experience, projects, and sharing my thoughts.

The resume section provides detailed information about my educational background and professional experiences. The portfolio segment showcases various projects and demonstrates my skills and expertise. The blog serves as a platform where I share my thoughts and experiences on topics related to technology, development, and more.

The design and theme of the website are based on my original coding efforts. Each section is meticulously designed to be user-friendly and aesthetically appealing.

mehmetsahin.dev stands as my digital presence, enabling me to share my work style, projects, and thoughts. It offers visitors a comprehensive view of my professional identity and personal interests.