January 9, 2024

ZM Makina

Technologies: MySQL, CSS, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP
Company: ZM Makina
Project Year: 2023
Project Duration: 2 weeks

ZM Makina is a leading company in the textile industry, specializing in yarn production. An innovative corporate website was developed to enhance the company’s global presence and impact. The focal point of the site is its rich content available in 6 different languages, allowing the company to establish closer relationships with customers and reach broader audiences on an international scale. Visitors are greeted with rich and original content where they can obtain detailed information about the company, explore its product range, and observe the company’s leadership in the industry.

This multilingual website strengthens ZM Makina’s presence in the global market while offering customers, business partners, and other stakeholders in the industry a comprehensive view, highlighting the company’s values and expertise.